About Me

A few things about me...

Cindy Hao


Hello! I'm Cindy, a student at University of Pennsylvania with with an insatiable appetite for knowledge. I'm currently pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Engineering (BSE) in Computer Science and a Master of Science in Engineering (MSE) in Systems Engineering. Most proficient in Javascript, HTML/CSS, React, and Java, but willing to learn anything and everything!

For more information about my past work related experiences, visit here! I've completed one internship at Google on the Web Build and Serve Team, a 10 week web development bootcamp (Horizons School of Technology), served as a teaching assisant for CIS 120 (Programming Languages and Techniques) for 4 semesters, and TA'ed the Master's CIT 594 (Data Structures & Software Design) for a summer.

Other than computer science, systems engineering, and mathematics, I'm also interested in politics and economics. I was an avid debater and campaign volunteer throughout high school, and part of that has stayed with me today. I always try to keep up to date with the news and love having civil political discussions. I also enjoy a plethora of podcasts such as Freakonomics, Pod Save America, No Stupid Questions, How I Built This, Crime Junkie, and whatever Apple Podcasts recommends me.

Possibly an popular opinion

I'm become a firm advocate for mental health and self-love due to my struggles with anorexia. Really not a fan of the stigma against mental health or therapy and I believe it's always okay to be vulnerable.

My hot food takes

My milk to coffee ratio is 3:1 (or 2:1 on a good day), I like my cereal dry, and my favorite way to eat bacon is on donuts. Chocolate on pizza (or in grilled cheese) is quite good, but chocolate ice cream is really not that great.

Random Life Philosophies

We don't get to chose what we're given in life but we do get to choose how we handle it. Our happiness is shaped by how we decide to frame events moreso than the events themselves. Failure is awesome. If we always succeed, we're not pushing ourselves enough. Each obstacle we encounter is nothing more than an opportunity to grow and build resilience. This might've gotten deep quickly, so thanks for sitting through it with me :-)